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Safe Power Solar Quality Issues


Why some panels size is much smaller than other supplier, but higher power charging efficient?

The most importantly, because we use imported panel Chips( like SUNPOWER, SOLARWORLD).  Those Chips panels are best quality and charged high efficient. Solar panel lifespan usually could be 15~20 years if no people broken.

Why sometimes 10pcs LED much brighter lumens than 50pcs LED ? How should I do if my led lamp quality problems, can I replaced or changed LED part?

The LED lamp lumens depend on factors ( Battery power output / what brand of LED Chip ? also LED quantity will affect lumens with the same conditions / install environment..) All we used high quality Chips like SMD2835/ 5730 / 5050 are imported, very little attenuation for long time working.

We had tested thousands of times, LED lifespan usually can be 50000~100000 hours, so please don’t worry about led quality, nor replacement led. Nearly no any customers feedback problem on led.

What the most important worried factor for Solar Lights?

Battery quality is the most important for solar led lamps. As we usually heard that explosion issues happened in warehouse, on the way shipping, even when you are using installation. So battery safe we have to consider firstly. All our battery are made by high quality materies, tested by high-tech machines. Safe power is first!

When customers installed their solar products, they said it was maintenance free, so why do I need to clean them?

Yes the system is, but the panels on the roof will get dirty over time. This will significantly lower the ability of the panels to capture sunlight which will decrease the amount of electricity generated.

Won't the rain clean the panels?

No, just as rain will not wash your car - although rain will wash some of the loose dust off. Other debris such as bird and animal droppings, salt crystallization, dirt and mineral residue (clouding) will all require cleaning to be removed.

Will cleaning my panels void my warranty?

No, regular maintenance and inspections of your panels will protect your warranty and is recommended by the manufacturers.

How Often Should I Clean My Panels?

This depends on the installation location. For example a solar panel installed near a coastal region is more exposed to salt water making it more prone to damages, therefore cleaning would be recommended more often, approximately 3 - 4 times per year. A city installation would be exposed to smog and pollution and should be cleaned 2 - 3 times per year. Suburban installations are recommended to get their panels cleaned every 6 months. Depending on the installation we can put together a cleaning and maintenance package to suit your needs.




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